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Posted on May 15th, 2015

8/3/2015:  The Town of Fountain Hills has approved the permit request from Cox Communications for the trench work to get the proper cabling to the facilities. The work performed by Cox will be completed no later than August 20, 2015. Once this is completed Galaxy Gates will return to complete their connections for the three card reader systems (front gate, men's and women's bathroom doors) and the security camera connections. Once the system has been successfully tested owners will be issued a FOB. I will schedule a date to be at the pool to make it easier to obtain the FOB.
6/15/2015:  The board has executed a contract with Galaxy Gates for a card reader system on the front pool gate and bathrooms, as well as cameras around the facility. Galaxy Gates has begun their work and we are currently waiting on Cox Communications to schedule their end of the work. All owners will receive notice with regards to the passing out of a FOB to enter the facilities. Each owner will receive one FOB. Additional FOB's may be purchased at $25 each.
05/15/2015:  The Board has met with a firm and will be executing a contract to install a card reading system on the front pool gate and for the bathrooms. A swipe card or FOB will be required to enter and exit the pool facility and to enter the bathrooms. Each owner will be given one card/FOB with a unique number. No two owners will have the same access number. The system will record all entries and exits and report to a computer program already in use by Metro Property Services. Furthermore, this system will allow the Association to activate and deactivate access for damages and delinquent accounts.
The Board is also considering installing cameras at the pool facility.